NordVPN SmartDNS Review

NordVPN SmartDNS Review Summary While it does have a special features that its customers can use specifically for streaming content online, users must remember that NordVPN is first and foremost a VPN service. As such, it has a higher price point than the majority of providers featured on our website that are primarily (or only) … Continued

Watch Orange is the New Black Season 4 Anywhere

Season 4 of OITNB is now streaming on Netflix, and the word on the grapevine is that it is the best season yet. If you are a fan of the show – but live some place where Netflix isn’t available –  you may want to use SmartDNS or a VPN provider to unblock US Netflix … Continued

5 Best Smart DNS for Netflix USA

Netflix is undeniably the world’s most loved on-demand video streaming service. But did you know that there is different content in each region, with the Netflix US having the most by far? This list of Smart DNS and VPN providers will show you how to unblock Netflix US so that you can watch even more … Continued

House of Cards Season 4 Release Coming Soon

The House of Cards Season 4 release is just around the corner. The entire season launches on Netflix on March 4th. House of Cards, alongside Orange is the New Black, is Netflix’s flagship exclusive show. The previous three seasons are highly acclaimed on Rotten Tomatoes, and have won a steady stream of Golden Globes and Emmys.(more…)

Amazon Prime Going from Strength to Strength

Amazon Prime now has 54 Million subscribers in the US alone, according to a recent report on HuffPost Business. Subscriber numbers went up by a very impressive 35% last year. This, in theory, puts Prime well into Netflix territory in terms of popularity. However, it’s important to remember that Amazon Prime is, first and foremost, seen by … Continued

Watching Football Online? Proceed with Caution!

Do you enjoy watching football online? If so, it’s really important to use a safe method to avoid putting your personal information, and your computers and other devices, at risk. Read on for clarification on exactly what IS safe – but first, let’s discuss the potential dangers.(more…)

Amazon Prime Stations vs. iTunes Radio

Amazon Prime Stations has finally launched in the UK, nearly a year after it arrived on the other side of the Atlantic. Prime Stations is an ad-free radio service that allows Prime subscribers to select a genre or artist and tune into a non-stop station playing relevant and related tracks. It’s possible to “thumbs up” … Continued

New on Netflix: February 2016

Welcome to New on Netflix February 2016. Feburary’s not traditionally the most wonderful month for new TV content, with big releases often timed for the fall season or the start of the New Year, but Netflix is pushing out so much new amazing material these days that there’s never a dull moment.(more…)

Amazon Prime Video Lagging Behind Netflix for Availability

Amazon Prime Video has fallen far behind Netflix for global availability, now that the latter has spread its wings to most nations, with a few notable exceptions such as China and Syria. While Netflix is now available almost worldwide (albeit with vastly different content libraries in different countries – something this article will help you … Continued