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We have previously reviewed Unblock-Us with regard to their VPN service. Now we have reviewed their SmartDNS service. As one of the biggest names in the business, it came as no surprise to find an absolutely fantastic service!

Video Review

Have a look at our great video review on UnblockUs below.

Pricing & Plans

UnblockUs Review Pricing

At $49.90 annually ($4.16/month), the cost of Unblock-Us is right in line with price of most competitors. For $4.99 for a monthly subscription, we find the price to be completely reasonable given the quality and speed discussed below.

We like that the company offers a free week trial with just an email address and a confirmation click. No credit card is required for the trial and it is easy to get going. If you choose to buy the entire year, they will not give a refund of any kind, so you’ll have to continue with the service for its duration.

Unblock-Us only accepts credit cards and PayPal, so if you want to keep this transaction discreet with Bitcoin or other payment method, you should look elsewhere.


Unblock-Us is one of the more straightforward websites we have navigated and it is extremely easy to get setup and pay. The setup guides are comprehensive, with virtually every device you could need explained in easy to follow steps. The guides are fool-proof, making Unblock-Us a great site if you are recommending a service to a novice.

As with any Smart DNS service, Unblock-Us will not provide encryption or hide your IP address. If you require this, a trusted VPN is still your best option. It is reassuring that they explicitly say in their terms and conditions that they will not share any information they collect with third parties. Additionally, they do not keep logs of your activity, meaning what they do receive is just the necessary information to provide the service.

Based in the legal friendly Barbados, Unblock-Us has servers on three continents and in nineteen countries, which is great from a SmartDNS provider. They allow multiple devices to run simultaneously as long as they are on the same network.

Channels & Devices

Unblock-Us offer all the “usual suspect” channels such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video. Alongside this they have 100s of other unlocked channels. You can easily browse these by the following categories: On Demand, TV, Kids, Sports & Music. If you are a sports junkie, this may be your best Smart DNS option.


UnblockUs offers one of the largest collections of setup guides we have seen, covering computers, games consoles, routers, TVs and mobile devices. The guides are produced professionally, and the company seems to have done its best to make every guide as detailed and user-friendly as possible. We’d be surprised if you can find a device which they don’t support. Again, this just highlights the fact that they are an experienced player in the field.

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The UnblockUs website

UnblockUs Review Homepage

The website is easy to navigate and everything except the breakdown of payment options is easy to find. Our only concern was finding the price per month vs. price per year difference, but that computation is easy from the payment screen.



We trust that Unblock-Us is not pulling the wool over our eyes with the transparency related to their customer service satisfaction metrics! They openly publish the results of their last 100 customer interactions in icon form, broken down into “great” (green), “OK” (yellow), or “not so good” (red). At the time of writing, they boasted that 92 of their past 100 customers rated their service as “great.”

The home page advertises that their support department is open 24 hours per day and 365 days per year. We sent an email querying some details and received a reply within 30 minutes, linking to some detailed support information. A follow-up question received a response almost immediately. This was impressive service, and reassuringly indicative of a company that takes customer support seriously.

The Process

Signing Up

As mentioned above, the sign-up process is easy and quick. You don’t need to give your name, as an email address and password is all that is needed, but you’ll likely be coughing that info up eventually anyway, as a credit card or PayPal account is necessary to pay.

The Unblock-Us Setup

Unblock-Us provides a small client that can be used for Windows. The program stays in the task-bar. Not only does it update your IP and change your DNS settings, it also has a Network Diagnostic tool, in order to ensure everything is running fine.


They do not have DDNS, meaning that you have visit the site to update your IP address when you change locations. The process is easy, but it is still a hassle. If you want to avoid this headache, you may want to investigate in a Smart DNS provider that allows for DDNS companies to operate in tandem with their service.

In order to change your Netflix region you also have to log into your account on their website.

Performance (Speed and DNS)

As expected, we saw no significant detrimental performance effect as a result of Unblock-Us being active. The download speed remained exactly the same, and the change in upload speed was small enough to ignore.

SmartDNS is known for not losing speed and Unblock-Us is no exception. With servers worldwide it is unlikely that you’ll have an issue using their service, irrelevant of your location. We found that they do all of the DNS processing themselves, which is great to see as it means they are have full control.

Other Platforms

Unfortunately UnblockUs only provide software for Windows, so for other platforms you will have to set it up manually.

We tested Unblock-Us on four devices and each performed well. All the platforms have step-by-step guides, often with a “how-to” video to make the process incredibly easy.

UnblockUs Review Conclusion

We liked

  • Good price
  • 19 unique Netflix regions
  • Transparent customer service metrics
  • Very easy to set up
  • One week free trial with no credit card necessary

We weren’t so sure about

  • Not able to cancel after payment
  • No Bitcoin

We hated

  • Nothing

UnblockUs is a viable option for anyone who wishes to access location specific services from outside of the host location. It is also an excellent provider to recommend to anyone who requires help with the (relatively simple) technical components required during setup, as their instructions are second to none.

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Peter Selmeczy Written by Peter Selmeczy

Pete is a techy who enjoys streaming content throughout the day, watching new series, and attending movie premiers. Living in Budapest means that I've always got UnblockUs switched on so I can stream any content I want.

2 responses to “UnblockUs Review

    The DNS servers go down constantly. I would say about ten times per month. Sometimes for half an hour, sometimes for hours on end. You email support to tell them, and they are very nice but they don’t understand the problem and ask you stupid things like sending screenshots of your page (do you really think “the website cannot be reached” is useful?).

    We used them for six months and we have had enough and we will find somewhere else that is more reliable.


    I use it for 6 months and it’s definitely the best. it lacks a android application to update the IP and it will be perfect .


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