UnoDNS by UnoTelly Review Summary

UnoTelly provides both a VPN and and a SmartDNS service, with the latter working under the name of UnoDNS. Overall we found it to be a pretty amazing service and a generous offering. The only thing that really let it down was their website.

Pricing & Plans

UnoTelly has a Premium Plan which also contains their UnoVPN service. Here we will only concentrate on their Gold plan which just includes SmartDNS. The cost of UnoDNS goes from $4.95 to $3.94/month – this is at the average-to-low end of the SmartDNS pricing spectrum.

UnoTelly Review Pricing

UnoDNS offers both a money back guarantee and a free trial – these are for seven and eight days respectively. There are also a lot of ways to extend your free service, these are as follows:

– You get $4.95 UnoCredit (no cash value) for every friend referred, which you can use towards upgrade/extending your account
– By tweeting or sharing about them, you can get 30 days free
– By making a YouTube video, you can get 90 days free

In order to purchase your UnoDNS account you can use PayPal, American Express and Visa.


UnoDNS is run by the Canadian based company Unovation Inc, who originally launched in 2011. Since then they have launched both a SmartDNS and a VPN service.

Unlike some providers, they only allow you access from one IP address which is a bit of a shame – but not a deal breaker. On the other hand, they have unlocked a substantial amount of channels and support a lot of devices. The most unique and impressive feature of UnoDNS is their Dynamo feature. Dynamo helps you select the region of a website (where there are more than one) and it is so good that you could watch up to three different regions of Netflix simultaneously in your home.

As we’ve discussed many times, SmartDNS does not provide any security. While UnoTelly does outline this in various areas, we feel that their terms of service could be a bit more thorough. Their privacy policy, on the other hand, is clearly outlined and explains what data they collect and how they use it. We found nothing particularly worrisome on either of these fronts.

Channels & Devices

UnoDNS has provided set up guides for virtually every device possible. This includes the important ones such as Microsoft and Apple as well as some guides not seen elsewhere such as a selection for Blu-Ray players and Sonos devices. These guides are very well done, easy to follow, and complete with images.


So far, UnoTelly has unlocked a whopping 380 channels! Just like with their devices list, this is undoubtedly the most we have seen so far and we expect the list to keep growing. They have sorted these into different categories so you can browse through them easily, although they have missed a trick by not allowing you to sort them by country.


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The Website

The initial impression we got from the UnoTelly website was absolutely great. Using it and navigating was just as pleasant. The account area has a “Quickstart” section which has a Windows 8-style tiles theme. This allows you to find all the important information with regards to getting your account up and running. Including their very important Dynamo feature.

UnoTelly Review Homepage

The UnoTelly blog is kept up to date with important network information as well as information on how to watch all the important sporting events. Their social networks are updated regularly, and contain a lot of important information on TV shows and streaming channels.


UnoTelly offers a lot of support including 24/7 live chat, a knowledge base and a ticket system. Overall, we found that all of them were very useful and that the staff were friendly.

The big issue we had, which comes back to their website, is that every time we navigated to the “Help” page our account would get logged out.


The Process

Signing Up

Signing up with UnoDNS was a straightforward process which we were able to complete in minutes. Getting a paid account is just as simple and requires you to enter some payment details.

UnoDNS Client – UnoHelper

UnoDNS has their own client that you can use – UnoHelper. It has everything included in it that you could possibly want. It updates your IP automatically, allows you to change your DNS server and set it to automatically start. If you prefer they have fantastic set-up guides to help you do things manually. The desktop application is only available for Windows, so if you using another platform or device they have a bookmark-able page and DDNS setting area in order to update your IP.


The most impressive feature when setting up UnoDNS is their Dynamo service which can be found on their website. This allows you to select the specific region you’d like to use for a set streaming service or if you’d like to turn it off. While many providers offer region switching (primarily US and UK) for Netflix, as far as we’re aware UnoTelly is the only one the gives this myriad of options.

Performance (Speed and DNS)

As expected we experienced no speed loss and we could stream away to our hearts desire. When we carried out our DNS leak test we found that they use Amazon Web Services in order to deliver their SmartDNS service.

Other Platforms

UnoDNS also has an Android app. While the app doesn’t change your DNS settings for you it does allow you to control Dynamo as well as keeping your IP up to date. We found it to be well designed and easy to use. We also used the setup guides in order to stream on other devices and experienced no problems following them.

Other/ Free Services

As mentioned UnoTelly also provides a VPN when you sign up to their Premium plan. We will shortly be reviewing this also, and will let you know our experience of it.

UnoTelly Review Conclusion

We liked

  • Dynamo – their region switching service is fantastic!
  • Good value for money
  • Seven-day money back guarantee and eight-day free trial
  • Plenty of options for getting free subscription time
  • Lot of devices and channels

We weren’t so sure about

  • Access only from a single IP
  • Bare-bones terms of service

We hated

  • Nothing

On the whole, using UnoTelly/UnoDNS was an immensely enjoyable experience! While we wish they would allow access from multiple IPs, it’s a service that’s more than worth it’s cost.

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    Probably the worst service ever experience – servers are down (for nearly a week) and that is that, no correspondence from UnoTelly, no replies on Social Media, and clearly no one is fixing the broken servers!

    I’m stuck ! Lost the Unotelly app and cannot find it onPlay Store. Has it been removed. Urgent as router has just rebooted and cannot access Hulu. Thanks Mark

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