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  HideIPVPN SmartDNS Summary

HideIPVPN is primarily a VPN provider, however in this review we will be focusing on their SmartDNS service. Our overall experience of HideIPVPN’s SmartDNS package was very pleasant and their core service is well thought through.

Pricing & Plans

Like many VPN and SmartDNS providers out there, HideIPVPN has a number of different packages and plans in order to please as many people as possible. With regards to their SmartDNS plans they have 3 different price points – it becomes cheaper the longer you sign up for. The prices range between $3.24 and $4.95/month which is at the low-to-average end of the SmartDNS pricing world.


HideIPVPN provides the rarely seen combination of both a free trial and a money back guarantee, of seven and 30 days respectively. While their money back guarantee does have some caveats and limitations, they are very honest about these and fully encourage you to use their easy to obtain free trial in order to test the service before purchasing.

They allow a large range of payment types in order to suit every customer, including Bitcoin, PayPal and Credit Card.


HideIPVPN is a product of Server Management LLC who are based in the United States, with what seem to be some solid roots. They have been operating since 2009 (with SmartDNS launched in 2013), and they also seem to have a large Polish customer base.

Their SmartDNS offering gives the user access to 131 channels in four different countries. They only allow connection from one IP address. This is not a huge negative, as it’s fairly standard in the industry.

As with all providers, HideIPVPN give no promise of security when using their SmartDNS service. Despite this, their terms of service and privacy policy, albeit briefly, outline what data they collect and how they use it. As with many services in this industry they promise not to share your information and will only reveal it to the authorities if proper requests are made.

Channels & Devices

HideIPVPN has unblocked 131 channels in four countries, these being the US, UK, Germany and Poland. Of course there might be other channels available in different countries and on request they can try to add more – but no promises are made on either front. There is some slight confusion, as when browsing their ‘Unblocked websites’ list you aren’t able to select Germany from their drop-down country list.


As with a lot of providers we feel that they are lacking slightly on the set-up guides front. While they do cover the essential operating systems (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS) and also offer set-up guides for set-top boxes and gaming devices, there are a lot more they could provide instructions for. While the slightly tech savvy will be able to get around this easily, clear and concise manuals are always appreciated.


Visit HideIPVPN »

The website

HideIPVPN has a really well designed website with very easy navigation. The set-up guides are easily found and clear differentiation is made between the SmartDNS and VPN guides. Their FAQ does try and do the same but it could be very slightly improved.


With regards to blogs and social networks they all contain virtually the same information. Like many providers that have a VPN and SmartDNS service they primarily focus the information on their VPN side, but they do recommend some good TV shows to watch and show how you can access these easily.


HideIPVPN has the usual types of support – live chat and ticket. While the former isn’t 24/7 (though they claim it to be) when we double checked it turned out to be 8.30 – 18.00 (EET) – which is still very useful. We found the ticket support to be very helpful and often received replies in well under an hour.


For major issues that require direct assistance they are also able to provide remote desktop support with TeamViewer. While we didn’t get the chance to test this, overall we found their support mechanism very competent and helpful.

The Process

Signing Up

Signing up to HideIPVPN was very easy. The free trials for either their VPN or SmartDNS services (one or seven days respectively) are easy to obtain and only require your email address and a password. In order to sign up to a full account, you will of course need to provide payment information.

HideIPVPN SmartDNS client

HideIPVPN has their SmartDNS and VPN combined into a single client. This is very easy to use and does all the settings for you – including changing the Netflix region. If you wish you can also set this up manually and they walk you through this step-by-step.


The client also updates your IP address automatically. If you are using manual set-up (independent of device) it’s easy to update your IP on their website. They also provide a bookmark-able page for this and it’s possible to use DDNS if you wish.

Performance (Speed and DNS)

As expected, we found there was no speed loss using the SmartDNS service. There were also no issues with DNS resolution. We saw that they used Google DNS in order to achieve their geo-location unblocking.

Other Platforms

Alongside their Windows software, HideIPVPN also provides a SmartDNS client for Mac users. As mentioned above they also have some useful set-up guides for other devices. We had no issues following these and using the service on other platforms.

Other/ Free Services

As mentioned, HideIPVPN also provides a VPN service, we will shortly be reviewing this on our sister website BestVPN.com. With their VPN service you also get access to their proxy, the details of which will also be mentioned in that review.


We liked

  • Good pricing
  • Free trial & money back guarantee
  • Plenty of channels
  • Great support

We weren’t so sure about

  • Access only from one IP address
  • Slight improvements could be made to the website

We hated

  • Nothing

Overall, HideIPVPN providers a very well-rounded SmartDNS offering. They achieve all the important points seamlessly and there is very little to criticise.

Visit HideIPVPN »

Peter Selmeczy Written by Peter Selmeczy

Pete is a techy who enjoys streaming content throughout the day, watching new series, and attending movie premiers. Living in Budapest means that I've always got UnblockUs switched on so I can stream any content I want.

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