Amazon Prime Stations vs. iTunes Radio

Amazon Prime Stations has finally launched in the UK, nearly a year after it arrived on the other side of the Atlantic.

Prime Stations is an ad-free radio service that allows Prime subscribers to select a genre or artist and tune into a non-stop station playing relevant and related tracks. It’s possible to “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” specific tracks – to help the service understand your taste. The service is accessible via a Web browser or on mobile devices and the Fire TV, and it even includes song lyrics via Amazon’s “X-Ray Lyrics” feature, according to a report in Stuff.

Amazon Prime Stations

Now you may be wondering at this point what exactly there is here to get excited about? I felt like that too to begin with, especially as I have a seemingly endless choice of similar services at my fingertips.

However, a big factor here is the fact that Apple has quietly removed free access to iTunes radio, necessitating a need to subscribe to Apple Music to access it. Spotify has a free subscription, yes, but it’s supported by ads. Amazon has just handed this out – gratis – to Prime subscribers in the UK and USA.

Amazon is certainly raising its game of late, with great exclusive video content and an increasing list of extra benefits – Prime Stations being just one. If you’re someone who’d like access to ad-free music, but aren’t quite committed enough to pay for a subscription to Apple Music or Spotify, going with Amazon Prime is a good option. With free deliveries too, a Prime subscription at $99 per year (US price) offers a huge amount for the money – and Amazon seem very committed to its continual improvement too.

If you’re not currently located somewhere where Amazon Prime is available, check out our unblocking guide here. If you’d like to find out more about streaming music, check out my group test of Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and Google Play.

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