New on Netflix: February 2016

Welcome to New on Netflix February 2016. Feburary’s not traditionally the most wonderful month for new TV content, with big releases often timed for the fall season or the start of the New Year, but Netflix is pushing out so much new amazing material these days that there’s never a dull moment.

As such, we’ve got plenty to keep you entertained on this month’s list, including several Netflix originals and a couple of classic movies.

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Take a look at our guide on how to unblock Netflix if you really want to watch something that’s not available where you’re currently located.

With that introduction out of the way, let’s get stuck into new on Netflix for February 2016.

Editor’s Choice

Fuller House

ON: Netflix – All

This much-anticipated sitcom is one for all the family. Set in San Francisco, it’s a follow-up to Full House, which ran from 1987-1995 and is fondly remembered by many people worldwide.

Fuller House sees many of the original Full House cast members reprising their roles from the original series decades later (with the controversial exception of the Olsen twins). The show will be a great source of nostalgia for viewers of the original, and probably win over loads of new fans too.

The only bad news is that you’ll need to wait until almost the end of February (26th) to watch. Thankfully there’s plenty more new Netflix content to entertain you until then – so read on!

Better Call Saul

Better call Saul

ON: Netflix USA (Season One), Netflix NON-USA regions (Season Two weekly episodes).

Better Call Saul, the award-winning prequel (of sorts) to Breaking Bad, features on the Netflix line-up across the world in February, but due to regional licensing there are some quirks to be aware of.

Netflix USA is getting the whole of Better Call Saul Season One from February 1st, but this is already available in other regions such as the UK. The BIG news is that NON-US regions are getting Season 2, episode-by-episode, after they are broadcast in America from February 16th.

It’s all a bit unusual – especially seeing weekly episodes on Netflix, and in a way highlights how the intricacies of content licensing can make things awkward for viewers. Of course, the easy way around this is to unblock Netflix and choose your region!

Whatever you choose to do, you’ve got some Better Call Saul to enjoy on Netflix in February, wherever you are – and you also have a couple of weeks to binge watch the first season before the second begins!

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of DestinyCrouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

ON: New on Netflix Worldwide

Now, for another Netflix exclusive – this time a full-length film.

This is the sequel to the martial-arts fantasy, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, released back in 2000. Interestingly, Netflix is also releasing the film in a small number of IMAX cinemas across the world.

As such, you can expect gripping action and high-budget production. If you’re one of those early-adopters with a 4K UltraHD TV, this could be just the movie to show it off!

Love – Season 1

Love Season One
ON: Netflix – All

Love is yet another Netflix-exclusive, but arguably one of the more low-key releases this year – perhaps not aiming for the kind of mass-appeal achieved by the likes of Orange is the New Black. 

It shows promise, however, based on the trailer, and is a light-hearted sitcom about the trials and tribulations of romance. The show has a definite “rom-com” vibe, perfect for a lazy weekend binge watch.

Love is new on Netflix on February 19th.

Cruel Intentions

Cruel Intentions
On: Netflix USA

We’ll end with a true classic. Cruel Intentions is a modern take on Dangerous Liaisons. We say modern, whilst looking in disbelief at the fact that the film actually came out in 1999!

Cruel Intentions sees Sarah Michelle Gellar moving away from her Buffy roots and playing a very adult role as a dangerous and seductive femme-fatale.

This is a compelling movie with cutting dialogue and a great soundtrack. Despite its age, it’s well worth a watch – however many times you may have seen it before. It’s out on Netflix USA from 1st February.

What Else is New on Netflix in February 2016:

We’ve been hard-pushed to choose a top five for Netflix this month with so much great content to choose from, and there’s plenty more. Here are a few more things for your “must watch” list this month:

Cooked: Netflix’s latest documentary series, a four-parter, launches worldwide on February 19th. It concentrates on the history of food and cookery and looks likely to be far more engaging than yet another celebrity chef show! With Netflix’s reputation for amazing documentaries cementing further by the day (watch Making a Murderer if you don’t believe us!), this could prove to be quite the sleeper hit.

Armageddon: OK, so you’ve perhaps been living in a cave if you’ve not yet watched this blockbuster disaster movie from 1998, but it’s escapist action at it’s very best. Starring Ben Affleck, Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler, the film comes to Netflix USA on 1st February.

Care Bears and Cousins: Let’s not forget the kids! Season two of this popular Netflix-exclusive show hits the service worldwide on 5th February.

Still looking for something to watch? Take a look at our regularly-updated Netflix database, which details every movie and TV show on offer on Netflix worldwide.

How to Unblock Netflix

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