Making a Murderer on Netflix Prompts a Huge Online Reaction

Making a Murderer on Netflix has been my first binge watching indulgence this year. In fact, I still have the bags under my eyes to prove it, after staying awake into the early hours thinking “just one more episode…” If you’ve yet to watch the show, I’m going to tell you why it’s a must.

Making a Murderer is a Netflix-exclusive documentary series, following the plight of Steven Avery, an American who spent 18 years in prison for sexual assault and attempted murder, only to be acquitted and released after new DNA evidence proved the crime was committed by another man.

Just before Avery was due to receive a multi-million Dollar settlement for his wrongful conviction, he was rearrested by the same police department for the murder of another woman.

The gripping documentary focuses on a convincing set of evidence that suggests that Avery was, in fact, framed by the authorities, partly in revenge for the earlier case, and also because the imminent settlement looked likely to bankrupt Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, where the events occurred.

Making a Murderer on Netflix

I will say no more of the plot, as it would be impossible not to spoil the series if I did so. However, I can discuss just how big the online reaction has been since the release of Making a Murderer on Netflix.

A quick search for Making a Murderer on Google News reveals over 1200 stories from big-name publications, ranging from Vanity Fair and Vogue in the US, to The Independent and The Guardian in the UK. Everybody who’s watched Making a Murderer on Netflix now has an opinion on the case, and on the guilt or innocence of Steven Avery. Petitions are being signed, new evidence is being discussed, and many of the main players in both of the cases are being interviewed.

This kind of reaction to a televised documentary is completely unprecedented. It’s turned thousands of people into amateur detectives, and as more people watch, the online reaction and speculation is only likely to grow.

If you’ve yet to watch Making a Murderer, you’re in for ten hours of absolutely gripping entertainment, and then you’re sure to want to join in the online debate. The only thing I would say at this stage is that I’d highly recommend refraining from reading anything else online about it until you’ve watched the lot – otherwise spoilers are inevitable.

Making a Murderer on Netflix is making history. I strongly recommend watching it now and joining in the speculation – it can rapidly become an obsession.

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