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If you’ve not already taken the time to watch Breaking Bad online, you’re in for a binge-watching treat!

The show has finished now, but thankfully you can still find a Breaking Bad online stream that will work for you, wherever you happen to be, with the help of this article – and do so without resorting to using dodgy illegal streams of questionable quality. This is a good thing, because Breaking Bad truly is a “must watch” show, of the same calibre and cult reputation as the likes of The Sopranos and The Wire.

Breaking Bad is considered by many people to be one of the greatest television series of all time. It was so well-received that it was one of the most watched television shows on air by the time the series ended on AMC in America, where it was first broadcast.

Breaking Bad Online

So how can I watch Breaking Bad online?

The best place to turn to watch Breaking Bad Season 1 to 5 inclusive is Netflix. At the time of writing, it’s available for all Netflix territories. Don’t worry if you cannot access Netflix where you are right now, because we have the solution – just read on.

Another option is to use the AMC online service, however, you may not find all of the Breaking Bad full episodes online at once there. At the time of writing, for example, AMC is only streaming Season 5 and the final episodes of Season 4. Furthermore, AMC is only available in the USA.

So – what do you do if you cannot access Netflix or AMC to view Breaking Bad? The answer, in both cases, is to use a Smart DNS service. These services make your Internet connection appear to originate in the “correct” country, so you can watch AMC from anywhere, or access Netflix in a region where it is normally locked.

Our top recommended service for this purpose is Blockless. We also provide you with some further options at the end of this post, but we are very confident that Blockless will be just the ticket for watching Breaking Bad, and plenty of other fabulous content too – and there’s a free trial so you can try it out with no risk at all.

Once you’ve signed up to Blockless, you will have full access to Breaking Bad with a Netflix subscription, with the option of using AMC too. At the same time, you’ll unblock all manner of other streaming services across the world, for an almost infinite selection of free streaming content.

It’s worth trying out a smart DNS, even if you do live somewhere with unrestricted access to Netflix. Take a look at our What’s on Netflix page, and you’ll soon get an idea of how much more content you’ll be able to watch by changing your location.

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How do I get started?

Just visit Blockless now and sign up for their trial. You’ll only need an email address and won’t have to hand over any money to get started.

Then, use the good quality setup guides provided to configure Smart DNS on each and every device you wish to use to watch Breaking Bad, or indeed any other content you fancy.

If you choose to keep up your subscription (and we think you will!) it will cost you less than $5 per month for a world’s worth of streaming entertainment. Even if you add on the cost of a Netflix subscription if you don’t have access to one already, you’re still paying less than $15 per month for more content than you will ever find the time to watch!

Netflix or AMC?

We think Netflix is your best bet for watching Breaking Bad. A subscription will give you access to all five seasons and loads of other TV shows online besides.

However, AMC Online does provide access to the most recent episodes, and costs nothing if you can sign in with a suitable cable provider. If you have access to a suitable login, this is worth some consideration too.

Breaking Bad – In Short

Walter White is a high school chemistry teacher who is struggling to make ends meet. His family’s financials are in dire straits. Walter is then diagnosed with terminal cancer. In a last ditch, frenzied attempt to save his family’s financial situation, he decides to make a meth lab on wheels.

We won’t dish out too many spoilers, beyond saying that White gets dragged further and further into the criminal underworld, with lots of unexpected twists along the way. It’s also worth mentioning that Breaking Bad ended in 2013, so you’ll want to avoid reading too much about the show if you want to enjoy it from the start without spoiling any surprises!

Other Unblocking Services

We love using Blockless to watch TV online, but there are some other great services out there too. Check out the recommendations below.

Watch Breaking Bad Online Summary

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