ibDNS (by ibVPN) Summary

While ibVPN is primarily a VPN company, they also provide a great standalone Smart DNS service, called ibDNS. Overall we found it to be everything we expected and more, with very little to criticise and an amazing list of 100 unblocked streaming channels across nine countries!

Pricing & Plans

ibVPN provide a wide range of plans to help with both streaming and security. The image below shows the prices for their standalone ibDNS package, which is the best if you’re only looking for geo-location content. As usual, their prices become cheaper the longer you sign up for. The prices reach as low as $3.07 per month, which we think is a great value deal.

You can also get packages which include a VPN too (the prices for this go as low as $5.82/month) – you can read more about this on their BestVPN review.


When you register for an account, you are provided with a six-hour free trial that has no limitations. While this is not excessive, it should still give you plenty of time to test the service for yourself and make sure you’re happy with it. Alongside this they also have a 15 day no-quibble money back guarantee.

To pay for your account, they accept over 50 international payment options ranging from credit/debit cards and PayPal, to Bitcoin and PaySafeCard, with many more in between.


Invisible Browsing VPN (ibVPN/ibDNS) is based in Romania and has a solid background in network management and services, which gives them the perfect platform to operate a SmartDNS service. Their ibDNS service allows access to over 100 channels in nine major countries worldwide, thereby providing access to plenty of content for your viewing pleasure.

While most SmartDNS providers limit their SmartDNS service to one IP location (so all devices must be on the same network), ibDNS allows a secondary IP address to be defined so you can use it with more devices and in more locations. At the moment though, since this is still in beta testing, some glitches can be expected and this feature is only available on the Ultimate and Family VPN packages.

It’s great to see that they fully highlight the fact that a SmartDNS service does not provide any security, nonetheless both their Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are highly detailed on what information they collect from you, how they protect this, and what they use it for. In regard to this, we do feel they disclose a little too much for Google to use but this is a minor criticism.

Channels & Devices

As mentioned, ibDNS allows access to nine countries worldwide, including the usual suspects (UK, US, Canada, Netherlands, Germany), as well as some interesting choices such as Finland and Egypt.


Their SmartDNS allows the unlocking of over 100 channels, including both TV and online radio such as Pandora. The greatest number of unlocked channels are, unsurprisingly, in the United States, but their list has a fair few in the other countries too.

Also, if the channel you wish to use isn’t on their list, you can contact them and they will try their best to help you.

The company also offers worldwide unblocking of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube which can help you if they are restricted or blocked by your government or ISP.


With regards to devices, setup guides are provided for all the important devices and operating systems, including Windows, DD-WRT, PS Vita, Xbox and many more. These are nicely done and most of them contain helpful images to guide you along.

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The Website

The ibVPN/ibDNS website is really well laid out, with all the important information easy to find and well displayed. They have clearly put a lot of thought and development into it as there is nothing we could find to dislike about it.


ibVPN also keep their social networks and blogs fully up to date, however these mainly contain information on competitions, discount and network upgrades/changes, and nothing on current shows and movies that you can watch online on different channels.


ibVPN has an extensive range of support options available (ticket, live chat, email, forum, knowledge base and even remote assistance!) This makes it extremely easy to solve any problems that you may have, big or small.

While they claim that their live support is available 24/7 we found that this is not the case, but they are generally available during most of the working day. When available, we found the live chat personnel helpful, informative and friendly. The same can be said for ticket and email support, and if you do not reply to their last email they will follow up to check that you are satisfied and that your problem is resolved.


We found the Forum to be rather derelict, with close to no conversation happening. Their knowledge base, on the other hand, is well laid out, and has over 100 entries covering everything from general questions to frequently encountered issues.

To use the remote assistance service you must book in advance, which is a slight shame but fully understandable. We booked a time slot and by using TeamViewer they were able to easily and efficiently help us with our problem – it turned out we didn’t have one, it was merely a Microsoft peculiarity!

The Process

Signing Up

Singing up to ibDNS is a simple affair; you’re only required to enter your name, email and password. Once you have done this you’ll automatically be taken to their well-designed user area and given a 6 hour free trial that you can test their service. Their trial also includes access to their VPN services, so you may wish to check those out too.

The ibDNS SmartDNS Client

To get connected on your desktop you have two possibilities: using the ibVPN All-In-One client, (which of course includes ibDNS), or setting up the DNS manually.

We gave both methods a try to see if there was any difference in performance. First though, we had to make sure that our IP was up-to-date in our user area on their website. This wasn’t an issue and it automatically detected it for us.

The client was very easy to use, and within a few clicks we were able to use any of the supported channels, and change between the countries to get different channels. Their guide for manual setup was easy to follow and caused absolutely no issues. While it is easy to do, different countries require different DNS addresses, so if you wish to keep changing between countries the software might be easier to use. The other advantage of using the client is that if your IP changes it will automatically update it for you, otherwise you will have to visit their website and do this manually or use a DDNS service.


Performance (Speed and DNS)

As expected with a good SmartDNS service, there was no speed drop in our internet connection. It was also nice to see that the DNS service didn’t bounce around and clearly used the DNS IP that we or the software defined.

Other Platforms

Undoubtedly the biggest advantage of a SmartDNS is that in theory it can be used on any device. While tech-savvy people can do this fairly easily, set-up guides are highly appreciated.

Unfortunately we feel that ibVPN could improve their list a little more, as at the moment they only cover the major operating systems (with Mac also having an All-In-One client), Apple TV, Routers, Chromecast, Boxee Box, PS platforms and Xbox 360.


We liked

  • All-in-one client for Mac and Windows
  • Nice list of countries and channels
  • Extensive support options including remote assistance
  • They also provide a VPN
  • Free trial and money back guarantee
  • SmartDNS can be used on two IPs! (in beta and only available on some plans)

We weren’t so sure about

  • Set-up instructions: more devices and slightly more detail needed

We hated

  • Nothing

Overall, ibVPN’s ibDNS service is unsurprisingly great and the provider’s experience in network systems clearly comes through. While we feel that their set-up guides could be improved somewhat, and their forums could be a bit livelier, every other area of the service is great and up-to-scratch.

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Peter Selmeczy Written by Peter Selmeczy

Pete is a techy who enjoys streaming content throughout the day, watching new series, and attending movie premiers. Living in Budapest means that I've always got UnblockUs switched on so I can stream any content I want.

35 responses to “ibDNS (by ibVPN) Review

    I moved to Belgrade for a seasonal job and I really needed access to Zattoo & SkyGo. ibDNS works fine and the speed is not slowed at all.

    Thumbs up for a service that allows me to have access to the channels I love, while travelling.
    I highly recommend this VPN provider.

    I am using a lot their smartDNS solution/feature. It is reliable and fast. I wish they had more connections available. At this point I am using 2.

    Works well with my asus router. Just one dns setting and all the wifi connected devices will work.

    Nice service. I like the fact that I can use the dns IP without netflix and watch other channels.

    Great service, highly recommend.
    Support is friendly, iOS and OSX apps work great. Price is acceptable 🙂 (I like free stuff more)

    One of the best overall services out there. Also the support it’s just amazing. Hope they remain so in the future

    I love that i can watch BBC even when i’m traveling. It’s the only reason i subscribed, but it’s well worth it.

    Will I be able to use this service to access Zatoo UK and ITV if I’m not in UK?

    A I’m not very bright 🙂 I have ordered the wrong package but support have somehow upgrade my subscription to ultimate. I’m over the moon with the new service given.

    Is a great service, i really like it, applications are getting improvements on a weekly basis and lots of server. I would love to see more stability in the connection itself.

    I use ibVPN, for streaming, as I am traveling pretty much and want to keep up with my fav shows and I am very happy with the service. It’s a very reliable provider!

    ibdns works smoothly. they recently added Polish channels that I watch often. great job!

    I like this service a lot. No logs, no BS. My only real complaint is that I wish they offered more than 3 simultaneous connections.

    Love being able to watch my TV shows from the Netherlands, and can’t beat the price.Had 1 issue after 2 months of use with the DNS server not working correctly, submitted a trouble ticket and within 5 minutes I had a reply with a solution! Very impressed with the service staff and the speed of resolution

    I wasn’t able to connect to the server in Czech Republic. The support team came back to me within minutes after I sent my email inquiry and informed me that the server is temporarily down and they are investigating the issue. The connection was restored in less than 24 hours and the support team followed up with an email to check if everything is OK. This is a superb customer service! Very happy with you guys. Thanks.

    Using their ibDNS app on iOS, it’s simple, easy to use. Happy with the service, the app it need’s a little work, as it is just a tutorial for setting up the DNS on iOS devices, and the list of the available DNS servers.
    The ibVPN app is great, at least I love it.

    As i’m a movie addict, i can get anything i can wish for with ibDNS, be it using the ibDNS or torrents which i can get using socks5 in my uTorrent. Keep up the good work

    I was looking for a VPN that allows access to undernet. There are very few options and ibvpn is one of them. I took the trial and worked so I buy it. Just click on a TOR server and you can browse any .onion site. That is just great considering the cheap price for a subscription.

    I love the ibdns service they have. I can watch all my favorite channels.

    What I like about ibVPN is that they know how to keep their old customers happy. Also, they are constantly asking for feedback, which is great. It means that the customers’ input is very important for them. Still, I look forward to their new Android app, because the current one needs a refresh.

    i made a inquiry concerning a due invoice. john helped me right away. as always the live assistance is “live”. thank you ibVPN

    Great service, really good customer support and also new applications and new servers etc.
    The speed sometimes is kinda slow but depends on which protocol you are.

    Great service Bellissimo !!!

    My wife and I use this service, they allow many connection, we travel and we are able to watch Italian channels and I can also connect to my work service as in my home

    Never had problem with 24/7 support

    I have tested few VPN providers but I stuck with ibVPN simply because they provide a great customer support. Any problem or suggestion you have, you can be sure you are talking with a human being and your opinion is valued. I needed access to a specific streaming channel and tech department made it available through their SmartDNS,

    Servers are fast and the app. is really easy to use. Good price. Awesome service

    I love the fact that ibdns offers now unblocks Polish channels. It’s a great addition to their service. I recommend it to all my friends.

      Thank you for your feedback. We are happy that you like the latest service improvements.

    ibVPN is the best VPN service I have used lately.
    The Windows app works amazing, as well as the iOS one and their speed is great.
    If they will provide the same awesome service over the years, I will be their customer forever.

    you guys need to update the tutorial as their application do not look like this anymore, they have been updated and improved. Also their live assistance from my experience pretty much 24/7.
    You hear this from a 5 year client, so i would recommend their services. Thank you!

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