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Blockless is a small Canadian VPN provider who not only provide a useful SmartDNS service (Region Switcher) but also a “SmartVPN” for those that move around a lot, and an AdBlocker to help clean up your browser. There are some minor changes that we’d like to see, but overall this provided a very positive SmartDNS experience.

Pricing & Plans

The Blockless Smart DNS service is priced right in the middle of the average category, with prices between $4.16 and $4.95/month (slightly more for Canadians due to HST tax).

Blockless Review Pricing

Blockless provides you with an absolutely free one-week trial, and all you have to provide in order to get it is your email and a password. If you are happy with the free trial, then you can purchase Blockless using a credit card or PayPal. Be wary that there is no money-back guarantee, so make sure you fully utilise the free trial!


Blockless, a Canada based provider, has three main services included in their SmartDNS package: two of which (SmartVPN & AdBlocker) make it stand out from the crowd.

Firstly, their standard SmartDNS service works as promised and allows access to plenty of channels across numerous countries. While the applications for it aren’t 100% there, overall it does the job as required. Their Ad Blocker service works broadly as advertised, but since it is still in beta testing it doesn’t block as many advertisements as traditional web browser plugins.


The best description of SmartVPN that we can think of is that it is a SmartDNS service for those on the move. When you’re on the move, your IP can change often causing your streaming service to freeze or crash. Their SmartVPN avoids this by creating a direct network connection to their systems instead of using DNS settings, thereby allowing consistent streaming without issues. We have to note that unlike a traditional VPN it doesn’t provide any security or privacy, hence being called SmartVPN.

Blockless has very detailed terms of use, privacy policy and service agreement pages, which make it very clear what information they collect and how they use it – we found nothing out of the ordinary in any of the sections.

Channels & Devices

Blockless takes full control of the advantages of a SmartDNS service through a number of means. Most importantly, they have unblocked 43 channels in 17 countries and we’re sure that with such a large geographical reach, they will keep adding to the number of channels you can stream. All the key countries (such as the US and UK) are covered, as well as the most well-known streaming channels (i.e. Hulu, Netflix and Pandora) are included. One slight disappointment is that they have not been categorised or sorted in any way e.g. sports, movies and radio.


The company also understands the importance of the fact that SmartDNS can be set up on nearly any device and hence provide 40 set-up guides which cover devices from standard operating systems to more obscure set-top boxes.

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The Blockless Website

The Blockless website is very easy to browse and navigate with all information easy to find. Their member’s area is also very nicely done and if you do not wish to use any of their apps then you can do the region changing from here as well. The only we thing we found very slightly annoying is the fact that the set-up guides don’t include links to their applications.

Blockless Review Homepage

Alongside the website, their social networks and blog are kept up to date, not only with network information but also on recommended watching and upcoming streaming news – very much appreciated!


Blockless provides two types of support: ticket and an FAQ/ knowledge base. Their knowledge base is well populated with information regarding to both their SmartDNS (Region Switcher) software and SmartVPN service. They also cover important topics from set-up to frequently incurred problems to help everyone out.


We also gave their ticket support system a test. We found the support staff to be very helpful and we received replies in a reasonable amount of time.

The Process

Signing Up

Signing up is very easy with Blockless. Initially you need an email address and password which will give you access to your free trial. Once your free trial expires you will need to enter more details, depending on whether you’re paying by PayPal or credit card.

The Windows Client

Blockless has applications for Android, Google Chrome and Windows. It’s very nicely designed across all platforms, but it’s a slightly mixed bag in terms of functionality.


On the upside, it allows you to keep your IP address synced, something which a lot of SmartDNS providers neglect, and also allows you to select the region you wish to use for browsing. On the downside, it won’t change your DNS settings for you manually so you will still have to do this yourself.

While their software does behave as a DDNS service we do wish you could configure your own DDNS on their website, as some people might prefer to do things this way.

Performance (Speed and DNS)

As expected there were no performance issues when using this SmartDNS service. While the DNS leaks were a bit over the place and didn’t seem to make sense, the service worked fine, so we shan’t worry about this too much.

With their SmartVPN service we were slightly concerned about potential speed loss. As we can see from the table below our worries were groundless, as the speed loss was close to negligible.

 Blockless_PureSpeed Blockless_PPTP_Speed
 Pure Internet Speed  SmartVPN Speed

Other Platforms

Android & Chrome Plugin

Both the Android and Chrome Plugin match the visual identity and performance of the Windows application, which is great to see. The Android app is very useful if you are streaming using your SmartTV or similar and do not wish to keep your computer running. The Chrome plugin is useful if you do not wish to install an extra piece of software on your computer and it also doesn’t matter if you’re using a Mac as long as you are using the Chrome browser.

Block Review Conclusion

We liked

  • 1-Week Free trial
  • SmartVPN and AdBlocker
  • Detailed terms of use and privacy policy
  • Plenty of countries on their list – not just US and UK focused
  • Good support
  • Lots of setup guides!

We weren’t so sure about

  • Software needs minor improvements
  • Applications don’t change your DNS settings for you

We hated

  • Nothing

When we tested Blockless for we incurred a few technical issues which made for a slightly unpleasant experience. Since then, they have clearly improved their service, and while some changes still need to be made we definitely like the service. We found it’s especially useful if you move around a lot and we appreciated the fact that they have made so many countries’ services available. To find out the facts for yourself, give their free trial a spin!

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Peter Selmeczy Written by Peter Selmeczy

Pete is a techy who enjoys streaming content throughout the day, watching new series, and attending movie premiers. Living in Budapest means that I've always got UnblockUs switched on so I can stream any content I want.

4 responses to “Blockless Review

    I have signed up a couple years ago. Service worked fine but I am no longer in need. Twice I have tried to unsubscribe and I still get charged. Be careful you may be in it for life…

    They don’t have any more Mexico, Spain or Argentina or Brazil, Panama in their regions, that’s very bad for me because that’s one of the most important reason for me to pay Blockless, they never notify me of this changes… and they just charged me for another year, I explain to the Customer Service and they just send me an automatic message saying that they do not do refunds!! It is very frustrating that they get away with this…

    I have been a Blockless customer since January this year. It promotes many promising features and allows a 7 day free trial. During that short time the service has failed several times to deliver other regions’ Netflix. The first time I was able to email Blockless and let them know that the service was not working. Currently however, the sites ‘Support’ section will not allow you to email the business. It should be noted that the page design has changed since this article was written. Whilst it was operating under the design shown above, all was as advertised. Not any more.

    I’m an 84-year old retiree with declining short-term
    memory, and I’m not a geek. So I was surprised and delighted when I got Blockless up and running, and casting to my big T.V. screen. To do this I needed the patient tutelage provided by a polite and seemingly ever-ready crew.

    The Blockless “Help” team steered me away from my original attempted usage of a Chromebook with a Chromecast device. Strangely, these two are not compatible. I ended up configuring my router, and casting through my Kobo e-book reader, (Android tablet).

    I’ve sampled Canadian, U.S., English and French Netflix offerings without a single problem in speed or quality of video using Blockless.

    Cheap too!

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