9 Ways to Watch the Premier League Online

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Watching the Premier League at home with a few friends is fantastic.

But what if you’ve cut the cord on your cable subscription in favor of online streaming?

Well in this guide I’m going to show you how to watch ALL the games, live, online and in glorious HD.

Watch the Premier League Online

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  1. The Issues at Play
  2. How to Watch for Free with a National Broadcaster
  3. Want HD Streams, Apps, and More? Get a Subscription!
  4. How to Get Around those Pesky Region Locks
  5. Missed the Games? Get Extended Highlights with Match of the Day
  6. Summary and Reviews

Chapter 1: The Issues at Play

The Premier League is one of the most watched sporting competitions in the world, broadcast live in 220 countries with a global audience of 4.7bn people, with just 16% actually in the UK.

So 84% of Premier League viewers watch from abroad!

So what’s stopping you? Region Locks!

If you’re sick of seeing this:


You’ve found the guide you need.

Region-locks (or geo-restrictions) exist so that content producers can sell the same shows to many broadcasters in different countries.

We started because we believe everyone should have access to the same online content regardless of where you live.

More about the licencing issue:

Chapter 2: How to Watch Football for Free with a National Broadcaster

Most countries have a television broadcaster that cover the premier league for free.  Some of these also have a free streaming service for people within the country.

I’ve come across a lot of conflicting information with regards to which broadcasters will offer free streaming online of the premier league. I will be updating this post as soon as I have tested the various providers for live streams during the first games of the 2015/16 Premier League season, so be sure to check back soon for more info.

Chapter 3: Want an HD Stream, Apps, and More? Get a Subscription!

Let’s take a look at which websites are licensed to stream the Premier league online. Subscriptions services like these usually require you to be in the country where the website is based, due to geo-restrictions.

In Chapter 4 we’re going to look at how to have a look at how to access geo-restricted streams regardless of your actual location, and link you up to the providers so you can check which channels they offer.

NowTV Sky Sports Pass – UK

Sky Sports offer probably the most comprehensive coverage of English football. Through NowTV, Sky Sports are offering weekly and monthly passes to their streaming services. All the games are shown in HD and there are loads of on-demand extras.

A NowTV Sky Sports Pass costs £31.99 (US$49.90) per month, so it’s definitely not the cheapest and is region locked to the UK.

Premier League Pass – New Zealand

Premier League Pass is a New Zealand based streaming channel that costs AUS$199 (US$133) for the whole season of the Barclays Premier League.

In addition to streaming on your browser, PLP has apps for iOS, Android and Samsung Smart TVs so you can watch the games live when you’re not at home.

Star Sports – India

Star Sports is an India based streaming sports channel that offers coverage of all major sports events.

The website states that the Premier League will be streamed live. However there are some issues with the site that stopped me being able to confirm this.

The channel is supported by Unblock Us, UnoTelly and Unlocator.

Fox Sports – Australia

Fox Sports has the broadcasting rights for Australia and will stream the Premier League online. It’s region locked to Australia so check out chapter 4 to find out how to access Fox Sports from anywhere.

It’s one of the cheaper subscription options, at AUD$10 (US$7.40)/ month for the first 3 months, then AUD$20 (US$14.80)/ month after that and can be cancelled at any time.

TV3 Sport – Denmark

Viaplay offers live Premier League streaming online, as well as a number of other sporting events for 229DKR (US$35)/ Month.

Other Streaming Channels

Whilst the above channels can be accessed by simply changing your apparent location using a Smart DNS service, below are channels that can only be accessed if you have a TV subscription in the respective country, or have a friend or relative in the country who is willing to share their customer details with you.

Canada: Sportsnet Now
USA: NBC Sports Live Extra
Middle East: beIN Sports
South Africa: Super Sport

Chapter 4: How to Get Past those Pesky Geo-Restrictions

So now you know what’s available, let’s see if we can’t unblock those games!

There are 2 main ways to unblock content:

  1. VPN
  2. SmartDNS

A VPN allows you to access geo-restricted content by routing all your internet traffic through a server in the country you choose.  A SmartDNS, on the other hand, simply changes the geographic data requested by the website you’re visiting.  Take a look at these links for more info:

We’re going to suggest going with a VPN primarily, as they are more flexible and reliable recently with many providers blocking SmartDNS providers.

Below are the best VPN and Smart DNS providers, make sure they are supporting the particular station you want to stream from by checking their channel lists. If Smart DNS is an unfamiliar concept to you, head over to our Ultimate Guide to find out more.

Summary of Best SmartDNS

Rank Provider Starting price Review Link


ExpressVPN Logo
Read Review >
$8.32/month Visit Site >


NordVPN Logo
Read Review
$5.75/mo Visit Site


Blockless Logo
Read Review
$4.95/mo Visit Site


Unlocator Logo
Read Review
$4.95/mo Visit Site


HideIPVPN Logo
Read Review
$4.95/mo Visit Site

Editors Choice

1. ExpressVPN

Smart DNS for Netflix

Positives: great customer support, amazing speeds, secure company

Negatives: not much

ExpressVPN is a popular choice among SmartDNS users because of its high speeds and excellent server locations. It provides fast and reliable connections for users. Great easy-to-use apps for desktop and mobile users. And you can connect to both desktop and mobile simultaneously at no additional cost. Cheaper providers can’t compete with ExpressVPN’s ultra-reliable network of servers and world-class support. They also have guides about almost everything.

Pricing can be as low as $8.32 per month if you choose the yearly plan. It may be more than some, but you also get a better service so it well worth considering. Finally, because it offers a 30-day money back guarantee you get a chance to try it to make sure you are impressed with its service. Amazing!

Try Out the Best VPN for Premier League Today!

Visit ExpressVPN »

30-day money back guarantee

2. NordVPN

NordVPN Logo

Positives: 30-day money back guarantee • Enhanced security • Excellent client

Negatives: Primarily a VPN service • Limited support options

Our next favorite provider is NordVPN. NordVPN is primarily a VPN service (with a dedicated Smart DNS service on the way), making it a great pick for our more privacy-conscious readers. That’s not to mention its massive global server network, reliable speeds, and dedicated streaming servers.

NordVPN offers a different experience than the other providers on this list, and we wouldn’t blame you for preferring its service. In fact, we encourage you to check out its website and see if it’s the right fit for you.

Visit NordVPN »

3. Blockless

Blockless Logo

Positives: free trial • AdBlocker and SmartVPN

Negatives: Software requires minor improvements

We like Blockless for American expats who only subscribe to a few services. It unlocks 43 channels so its offering isn’t as large as some other providers. Even so, Blockless has its own client, which is also available as a Chrome plugin. While the client is very nifty and allows you to quickly switch regions, it doesn’t change your DNS settings for you.

We recommend trying it without any commitment via its free trial, but be sure to check out which channels are available.

Visit Blockless »

4. Unlocator

Unlocator Logo

Positives: free trial and money-back guarantee • loads of channels; ample setup guides

Negatives: lacking some standard information • client could do with a bit of refinement

Unlocator is a relatively new player in this space that we’ve previously ranked very favorably. It provides a very well-rounded service, with a very useful client works on the main operating systems, including Android and iOS. The only downside of its software is that it doesn’t change the DNS settings for you, so you’ll have to do this manually.

We love Unlocator for many reasons, not least of which is the free trial and money-back guarantee. It also provides a SmartVPN in case your ISP, or any other service, would want to carry out DNS hijacking. This type of detail demonstrates its commitment to its Smart DNS service. For these reasons and more, we recommend Unlocator as the top option to stream live football on Star Sports.

Visit Unlocator »

5. HideIPVPN

PIA Logo

Positives: free trial and money-back guarantee

Negatives: access from only one IP

We’re impressed with the excellent support, value for money and general well-rounded package that HideIPVPN offers. It also provides the rare combination of a free trial and money-back guarantee, of seven and 30 days respectively. Although the money-back guarantee has some minor limitations, it’s transparent about them and encourages you to use its free trial to test the service before purchasing. What do you have to lose with a free trial?

American expats will be happy to hear HideIPVPN is a product of Server Management LLC, which is based in the USA. It has been operating since 2009 before launching the Smart DNS product in 2013.

Visit HideIPVPN »

Chapter 5: Missed the Games? Get Extended Highlights with Match of the Day

Match of The Day
Watch Match of the Day on BBC iPlayer

One of the UK’s most beloved sports shows, Match of the Day airs every Saturday evening (10:30 GMT) on BBC During the Premier League season. The show has been running since 1964 and is recognised by Guinness World Records as the longest running football TV programme in the world.

Match of the Day has one of the most recognizable theme tunes in the UK

Match of the day shows highlights of Saturday’s Premier League matches, along with analysis and discussion from some of the best-known names in English football.

BBC One is available in the UK on terrestrial TV and online via BBC iPlayer. For those who wish to access BBC iPlayer from a different country, a SmartDNS service will bypass the geo-restriction.

Check out these posts for more information on streaming BBC iPlayer from abroad:

Chapter 6: Summary and reviews

So in essence, there are a number of different options for watching the Barclays Premier League online, both live and highlights. We recommend a SmartDNS service as they are both cheaper and faster than a VPN.

All the Smart DNS providers we’ve mentioned offer a free trial of some kind, so you should have plenty of time to get to know the service before committing. Take a look below for reviews of the Smart DNS providers we recommend and start watching those Premier League games live!:

Rank Provider Starting price Review Link


ExpressVPN Logo
Read Review >
$8.32/mo Visit Site >


NordVPN Logo
Read Review
$5.75/mo Visit Site


Blockless Logo
Read Review
$4.95/mo Visit Site


Unlocator Logo
Read Review
$4.95/mo Visit Site


HideIPVPN Logo
Read Review
$4.95/mo Visit Site

Keep checking back for updates throughout the season, and be sure to let us know if you’ve found any quality resources not mentioned here.

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