If you’re a Smart DNS provider, we’re happy to review your service. We also offer some exciting advertising opportunities, which could significantly increase your sales. We’ve recently launched SmartDNS.com; however, since 2012, we’ve successfully run BestVPN.com – the number one VPN comparison website online – which gives us a huge advantage in the software comparison market.

Getting Reviewed on SmartDNS.com

If you wish to get reviewed on SmartDNS.com, please message us on the Contact Us page and include Review in the subject.

Advertising on SmartDNS.com

Advertising on SmartDNS.com can substantially increase your business and earn you some valuable clients. Below we’ve listed two basic advertising options.

Side Banner

The 300×250 banner in the top right corner of our webpage is available to advertisers.


Sponsored Listing on Top 10

You can appear as a sponsored listing at the top of our Top Smart DNS ranking page.


If you wish to find out more about us and our services, please message us on the Contact Us page and include Advertising  in the subject.