Hi there!

If you’ve randomly stumbled upon this site and have no idea what it’s all about:

We are a young team of streaming enthusiasts who have specialized in helping others get better access to different streaming services.

It is a simple fact that people outside of the USA are hugely disadvantaged when it comes to online entertainment.

Take Netflix for example: In most countries it isn’t available at all and where it is, it only offers a very limited amount of titles.

Look at the following graphic: If you live in Australia, New Zealand or Europe, you only get 1/3 of what you’d get if you lived in the States. But you pay roughly the same price.

Netflix titles per country

On top of that, US citizens have free online access to the latest TV-show episodes via ABC.com (Black-ish, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy), CBS.com (The Big Bang Theory), HBO.com (Game of Thrones), AMC.com (The Walking Dead), FOX.com (Empire) or Comedy Central (The Daily Show), just to name a few.

If you live anywhere else, you have to wait several months to watch the same episodes.

Because we think this is hugely unfair, we’ve made this website!

On here we explain how


We like to think of this as a platform from streaming fans for streaming fans, so we’d love to hear from you! What do you think of the website? Do you have any questions? How can we do better? Send us an e-mail or even better, connect with us via Facebook or Twitter!